Can Actors Have Braces – Effects, Benefits, and Best Types

Actors can wear braces. Having braces can temporarily impact an actor’s career. The question is how much of an impact wearing braces will have on an actor.

For children and teens, wearing braces won’t have as big of an impact as it will on adults. Children and teens with crooked teeth should get their teeth fixed as soon as possible. Getting their teeth fixed early will help them avoid problems later on. For kids and teenagers, interested in acting, it’s common for invisible braces to be used. 

If braces are necessary for adult actors, there are a couple of options to consider. First, the adult actor can wear removable braces. When that big role comes along, the braces can easily be removed.

As another option, adult actors can get an alternative to braces such as a clear aligner like Invisalign. This is an orthodontic treatment system that uses clear aligners to gradually move teeth into place.

It works best for people who have mild to moderate tooth misalignments, and it can be done in about six to nine months.

Braces are only one of the options available for adult actors, fortunately, they aren’t the only option.

Will Braces Affect Your Acting

It’s a common misconception that wearing braces will affect your ability to act or speak. But there is no evidence that wearing braces will affect your ability to act or speak.   

Braces are used to correct the position of teeth and help prevent teeth from shifting out of place. The only effect that wearing braces has on your ability to act or speak is if they cause a problem with your lips.

Do Braces Change Your Voice

Braces do not change your voice. However, they may temporarily change how you speak.

Initially, people with braces notice a change in their speech because they tend to salivate more than usual. But, after you become accustomed to wearing braces, your speech will more than likely return to normal.

Should Actors Get Lingual Braces

Some actors choose to wear lingual braces rather than traditional braces. Why would someone want to wear lingual braces? The answer is simple: lingual braces are much less noticeable than regular braces.

Lingual braces are a popular orthodontic treatment for actors. Unlike traditional braces, which are attached to the front of your teeth, lingual braces are attached to the back of your teeth. This gives patients a more comfortable and discreet way to straighten their teeth.

The lingual braces also reduce the visibility as opposed to traditional braces, which can be a concern for actors. Lingual braces are often preferred by actors because they are less noticeable to others than traditional braces, making it easier for actors to get cast for roles.

Advantages of Wearing Braces For Actors

Wearing braces has the same advantages for an actor as it does for any other person. For adults, wearing braces can cause them to lose out on acting roles. But eventually having braces can be beneficial for actors of all ages.

Actors have to maintain an attractive appearance. In order to do so, they have to take care of themselves. Actors have to be smart and eat healthy food and drink lots of water. They have to get plenty of sleep and exercise. So what advantage does wearing braces give actors?

Having a healthy smile is a big part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Having crooked teeth is bad for an actor’s overall marketability. It can affect an actor’s appearance on the screen. It is for this reason that actors usually wear braces.

When an actor has a healthy smile, they look more attractive and confident. This can help the actor gain more acting roles. So, ultimately having braces can be advantageous for actors.

Child Actors and Braces [Video]

Fast Acting Adult Braces

Fast-acting adult braces give you the same visual improvements as traditional braces do. However, you are able to achieve straighter teeth faster with fast-acting braces because they move only your front teeth.

For adult actors who want to limit the amount of time in braces, this may be the ideal solution. Here are a few pros and cons of choosing fast-acting braces:


  • You will have fewer dental office visits.
  • They are more affordable than traditional braces.
  • You will see faster results.


  • Not all areas that need to be fixed will be fixed with this accelerated method.
  • Fast-acting braces are not appropriate for everyone, especially if there are severe bite and palate issues.


The acting industry is notoriously tough. Most actors have to put in long hours at auditions and casting calls to earn their spot on a production. And once they’re hired, they still have to work long hours to maintain their roles. So it’s understandable why some actors would want to avoid wearing braces. They’re uncomfortable to wear, and they can make it difficult to act. But there are some benefits to wearing braces, too.

For one thing, they can help you maintain a healthy smile. And because they’re designed to correct minor alignment issues, they won’t affect your speech or eating. Finally, they can help you maintain your teeth and gums for a longer period of time. So if you do decide to go with the option of wearing braces, wear them with pride!